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What makes for a good journalist today?

The article on the Mashable website that discussed knowing how to multi-task was insightful as it discussed the various ways a journalist could stay relevant. Being an Entrepreneur, a programmer (of sorts) and, being open to experimenting by knowing which platform was the best one to use depending on the information needing to be disseminated, a journalist could assume that they would ensure themselves a spot on the roster of pertinent authority figures in the news world.

Although the eight skills listed in the Mashable article are exceptional traits a journalist would do well to incorporate into their journalistic backpack of expertise, the further I read, the more repetitive they became. For instance, the ability to program or use multimedia was number two on the list. As I read further down the list, being a multimedia storyteller was listed as a must have talent as well; the two are eerily similar. Essentially, the message was that as a journalist today, there needs to be more than the ability to write well. A journalist almost has to assume a “jack of all trades” hat with writing being at the top of the multi-tasking list.

I think one element that was missing from the Mashable piece as well as the Hyperlocal vs. Newspapers piece is the tenacity a journalist must have for finding the truth. Am I being repetitive in that number eight states, “Fundamental Journalism Skills” and goes on to list good writing, investigation and verification? I don’t think so due to the fact that I believe a burning desire for the truth can lead a journalist to dig deeper than what appears on the surface.

A journalist should have a burning desire to solve the problem in addition to being able to express thoughts in a relatable manner that the reader understands. This goes a step further than just good writing. That burning desire and ability to connect to the audience is tantamount to being a good journalist in today’s world of sensationalistic, headline-seeking, newshounds that the world has come to despise.


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