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A wave of brutal attacks in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area rattles the community.

By Rhonda Alexander

For two months in the summer of 2009, Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood became the target of several muggings.

The neighborhood with the reputation for housing college students, the upwardly mobile and the wealthy was the area where a series of personal robberies and beatings took place.

All seven victims shared key demographics. Each victim was walking on foot during the early morning hours of the day. Each victim was male and in his early twenties. Each victim was attacked by multiple perpetrators. The map below outlines the specific section of Lincoln Park and the surrounding areas where the attacks took place.


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Written by Rhonda Alexander, MS (and current MA candidate) of DePaul University. I am passionate about writing and all things social media. I'm primarily self-taught in a lot of the various aspects of social media and I really enjoy learning about the different methods that are coming to the forefront for individuals to be able to connect with one another.


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