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Donald Trump for President-Yeah! NOT!!!

By Rhonda Alexander

Donald Trump for president? Really? Don’t we have enough to worry about with terrorism on an international level? Must the United States have to endure terrorism in the form of “The Donald” in our own country?

If Trump believes he has a genuine chance to even be nominated to run for president, he’s more delusional than he appears.

Look at the way he runs his television show, The Apprentice. It’s a dictatorship. He has his children and personal friends as his “advisors” who are really just there to do what he tells them to do. He’s not interested in any kind of democracy. That’s the central tenet of the United States of America. Right away, he’s failed one of the primary “rules of the road” so to speak.

Trump may have the financial acumen to make money, but it takes more than money to run this country properly. It takes a bit of common sense and Trump seems to be sorely lacking in the common sense department.

Didn’t Trump realize that if he kept using his platform to question the long since, resolved issue of President Obama’s place of birth that he would risk pissing off a sitting president? I thought he was supposed to be a smart man.

The public forum of the correspondent’s dinner where every A-list celebrity in Hollywood would be in attendance was the perfect place for President Obama to emphasize Trump’s lack of good judgment-yet another trait a prospective incumbent for the top spot in the free world needs to possess.

So far, we have a lack of common sense, lack of good judgment and no sense of democracy as three traits one should have to run for President of the United States that Trump doesn’t have.

Earlier, I stated that Trump appears to have a good financial acumen that is necessary to make money. While it’s true, the United States would do well to have a person in power that is good with money, it should be noted that this hasn’t always been the case with “The Donald.”

He filed for bankruptcy as recently as 2009, so in his very recent past, he hasn’t exhibited sound decision making when it comes to money. In fact, Trump has filed for bankruptcy not once but FOUR times (1991, 1992, 2004, 2009)!

He may be highly successful now, but he has made bad financial decisions that caused his personal property such as his airplane and yacht to be seized by banks in an effort to recover some of the debts he incurred with bad business decisions. Trump purchased a casino in Las Vegas (The Trump Taj Mahal Casino) that was double the size of any casino that had ever been successful. That’s not the sound decision making acumen I would want my president to have at all. Decisions like that reveal Trump to have more like delusions of grandeur, if you ask me.

Trump can wrap it up in a pretty bow if he likes, but filing for bankruptcy is the result of several financial decisions that have gone terribly wrong and there is no other viable financial recourse.

So, if Trump believes that his current financial success is the only attribute needed for a good president, he needs to go back to the drawing board.


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Written by Rhonda Alexander, MS (and current MA candidate) of DePaul University. I am passionate about writing and all things social media. I'm primarily self-taught in a lot of the various aspects of social media and I really enjoy learning about the different methods that are coming to the forefront for individuals to be able to connect with one another.


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