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Repurposing broadcast news

Broadcast news is no longer limited to the television airwaves. Due to the instant availability news provided by the Internet, news is now on-demand. Users expect to access their preferred news provider at their convenience, anywhere, anytime due to the advances in technology. The Internet has even breathed new life into radio-especially for the larger stations that have websites.

In order to stay relevant, news organizations have no choice but to accommodate this new demand for “news on-the-go” and it had better be just as high quality and up-to-the-minute as the traditional broadcasts at 5,6, and 10 (or 11 depending on the market). As a result, news organizations have had to become a bit innovative in their endeavors to keep up with the advances in technology as well as the demand of the consumer.

Now, instead of waiting for the regular broadcast to air breaking news-or even interrupting regularly scheduled programming-news organizations can now post the latest news to their website. They can even send text messages to users who have subscribed to receive their updates-all the while continuing to gather more details that will enhance the final piece that will air during the regularly scheduled broadcast.

Another facet of using content is by repurposing the news such as digitizing for the Internet which includes audio, video, still images, graphics and animation. All of these facets add layers to enhance the story, give it more depth and attract new as well as retain loyal audiences.

With so many ways to make your organization stand out, the prospect of establishing your news organization as the one to watch has become multi-faceted but, also as simple as making sure your consumer has the option to get their news anyway and anytime they want it.


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Written by Rhonda Alexander, MS (and current MA candidate) of DePaul University. I am passionate about writing and all things social media. I'm primarily self-taught in a lot of the various aspects of social media and I really enjoy learning about the different methods that are coming to the forefront for individuals to be able to connect with one another.


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