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Andrew Huff, cofounder of Gapers Block spoke to DePaul University Journalism students

  1. Huff graduated from The Ohio State University and found that he couldn’t find a job.
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    “There has never been a job for journalists”- Huff #dplsci
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    Huff says the reason there aren’t jobs for journalists is b/c those that are working don’t want to give up their jobs #DPLsci
  4. Instead of twiddling his thumbs, Huff took work in PR for a hardware company
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    Huff did PR for 10 yrs b/c there were no jobs in journalism that he wanted. #DPLsci
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    Huff worked with hardware companies in PR –not the most exciting job he has ever had #DPLsci
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    #DPLSCI Andrew Huff talked about his 10-year-PR experience. He hate “putting words in people’s mouth.” It felt “dirty.”
  8. Soon, Huff got the “itch” to do something else so he came up with a novel idea
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    Huff started sending friends and family emails in 2000 updating them about his life: The Huff Report #DPLsci
  10. Not realizing he was blazing a trail that would be followed by many, Huff continued this new way of updating his friends and family on the details of his life. Then, in 2001, he discovered blogging.
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    “In 2001, I thought I was getting in to blogging late because there was already almost a million of us.” – Andrew Huff #dplsci
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    #DPLsci As there was no hyperlocal media in Chicago, Huff and the cofounder launched Gapers Block in April, 2003.
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    The mission of Gapers Block is: slow down and check out Chicago-Huff
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    “We launched to great acclaim. We got national coverage in the blogosphere. Because back then you still could.” – Huff #dplsci
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    #DPLsci Andrew Huff said they are the few city blog in Chicago
  16. In this way, Huff got in front of the 8 ball by becoming one of the first bloggers (considering there were only a million back then) to get into the blogoshpere.
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    “I don’t think we’d be as successful if we tried to launch today. It’s just so much more crowded.” – Huff on Gapers Block #dplsci
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    #DPLsci You can be up to date, accurate and the first to break the news nowadays when publishing online-Huff
  19. In addition to the above, there are a a couple hard and fast rules for successful blogging and driving traffic to your site. Huff says: 
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    Extremely short, 1 or two sentences and lots of links drives traffic to your website-Huff #DPLsci
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    Think of your audience and let them know where they can find you #DPLsci
  22. Huff explains his five (plus one) basic tips to building your blog and your identity or brand on the web:
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    #DPLsci Five tips from Andrew Huff: Sustainability–Be able to write about a topic for a long time, and it should be open-ended enough.
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    #2 Develop your voice before you get started as much as possible-skepticism? Belief? Somewhere in between? #DPLsci
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    Choose your voice carefully. It’s not good to have a major tone/voice change down the road #DPLsci
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    #3 Length-How long can you keep someone’s attention online-about 300 words? #DPLsci
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    If your audience is willing to stick with you for a longer length than 300 words, they are real fans-Huff #DPLsci
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    #4 Links power the web-If you’re not linking, you’re probably doing something wrong. #DPLsci
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    If you don’t link to other sites, no one will know who you are #LINKlove #DPLsci
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    Link to blogs that you like and click on those blogs so you’ll be included in their referral logs. #LinkLove #DPLsci
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    #5 Social Media-You are responsible for driving your traffic #DPLsci
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    #6 learn basic html, it’s essential to growing your brand
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    These are the tips for successful blogging! #DPLsci

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