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Adding Multimedia to the Web

By Rhonda Alexander Any journalist who wants to be taken seriously today will confirm it. Adding multimedia to your work-especially on the Web-gives you a fighting chance to have your work recognized and respected. As the chapter on Adding Multi Media to the Web explains, adding multiple layers of media (sound, video, photo) to a … Continue reading

Repurposing broadcast news

Broadcast news is no longer limited to the television airwaves. Due to the instant availability news provided by the Internet, news is now on-demand. Users expect to access their preferred news provider at their convenience, anywhere, anytime due to the advances in technology. The Internet has even breathed new life into radio-especially for the larger … Continue reading


Written by Rhonda Alexander, MS (and current MA candidate) of DePaul University. I am passionate about writing and all things social media. I'm primarily self-taught in a lot of the various aspects of social media and I really enjoy learning about the different methods that are coming to the forefront for individuals to be able to connect with one another.