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NeighborSpace-Community Gardens in Chicago

NeighborSpace is a nonprofit organization in Chicago. “The organization is a result of an intergovernmental agreement between The City of Chicago, The Forest Preserve District of Cook County and the Chicago Park District,” said Britt Willey, Land and Stewardship Coordinator for NeighborSpace. NeighborSpace is a land trust that was established in 1996 by Kathy Dickett, … Continue reading

Converging with Other Emerging Media

Continuing advances in technology allow convergence in media to elevate to higher dimensions than ever before. As mentioned in the Converging with Other Emerging Media chapter, the new range of opportunities-once the decision is made about the most effective way to tell the story-can span from text only media to full motion video. Whether the … Continue reading

Adding Multimedia to the Web

By Rhonda Alexander Any journalist who wants to be taken seriously today will confirm it. Adding multimedia to your work-especially on the Web-gives you a fighting chance to have your work recognized and respected. As the chapter on Adding Multi Media to the Web explains, adding multiple layers of media (sound, video, photo) to a … Continue reading

Things don’t change the world, people change the world~Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

By Rhonda Alexander …And cheers to you Steve Jobs for being a magnificent manifestation of this statement. Mention the iPhone, Mac, iTunes, iPod, iPad, even the idea of branding your company with the image of a partially eaten apple to changing the language used to describe your company’s products and you’ve got one heck of … Continue reading

Repurposing broadcast news

Broadcast news is no longer limited to the television airwaves. Due to the instant availability news provided by the Internet, news is now on-demand. Users expect to access their preferred news provider at their convenience, anywhere, anytime due to the advances in technology. The Internet has even breathed new life into radio-especially for the larger … Continue reading


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